I was thinking the other day about story telling. I mean if you’ve ever met me, chatted for a moment or exchanged any interaction you know how much I love to talk and I’d like to think that when I do I share some good stuff. Which got me to intentionally thinking about ,”my story.”

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How I Became a Photographer

You need head shots, huh? Of course, you do!

I’m giving you my 2 cents on how to prep for your head shot session.. like 1-2-3!

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How To Prepare For Your Headshot Session

You have the idea, the vision, now what… you need the visuals to show the creative and purpose behind you and your business.

So you start searching for the photographer that everyone is raving about with the most followers and tags on social media! I’m here to help you out with 10 tips on things to consider prior to booking a photographer….. here goes!

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Should I Book Yet? 10 Things You Should Know Prior to Booking A Photographer

As a business owner, you not only provide a service, you provide customer service, responsible for communicating appropriately and a vast amount of other important things that you will not know on the first or fifth year. Lessons and experience come and go and you must recognize, accept and grown from it.

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Managing Expectations.. PART THREE

While it’s all nice and good to be friendly and hospitable, you never want to mix business and pleasure loosely. don’t forget that when business is handled accordingly, all things flow well and everyone is happy. You can only be as ready as much as you are prepared. Be clear first and foremost.

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Managing Expectations…PART TWO

Social media has been such a beautiful tool. We get to advertise, network and even meet our future spouses here. I mean it’s genius and so personal. It’s so personal that sometimes the internet thinks they know you all too well and don’t have to still go by some natural house rules. This is especially LAW for doing business or approaching someone about a business inquiry.

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Hey Girl…Let’s Talk Social Media Etiquette

You spend all the time and investment planning, shopping, scheduling and then shooting for these amazing images to only post them to social media….. I think not! Your images add so much value to you and your brand and they deserve to speak volumes for you, about you! So, let’s get into some Do’s and Don’ts of How to Use Your Lifestyle Branding Images!

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Do’s and Don’ts: How to Use Your Branding Images

Here’s the thing….How we perceive things, people or our experiences is often not determined by how good or bad they are in absolute terms but how good or bad they are contrary to what we were expecting them to be. If your Uber driver GPS says he will be outside in 5 minutes, you are expecting him at your doorstep in 5, however he still hasn’t arrived by minute 8, you are LIVID, as to be expected, right?!

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Managing Expectations…Part ONE

It’s session time, you’ve read all about how to prepare for your session. …Now what the heck should you expect?

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What to Expect From Your Photo Session

Love What You See?