I was thinking the other day about story telling. I mean if you’ve ever met me, chatted for a moment or exchanged any interaction you know how much I love to talk and I’d like to think that when I do I share some good stuff. Which got me to intentionally thinking about ,”my story.”

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How I Became a Photographer

You have taken the BIG jump and booked your branding session, AYYYEEEE! Now what? What are the next steps to ensure this session is tailored just for you?

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Must Have Shots for Your Branding Session

One who thinks about things strategically, writes them down, buys the cutest planners and schedules like no tomorrow but rarely accomplishes anything because of the fear of not rocking it out perfectly and then there’s the person  who thinks it, plans it a little and EXECUTES it , dealing with any setback and failures as they go!

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Why Monthly Content Sessions are a Must Have!

Listen….most of us don’t hop in front of the camera and kill it with little to no effort.. we honestly don’t wake up like that! However, if you are all about your time, business and money… you show up and make it do what it does honey! I created monthly content sessions for my BOSSY […]

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Do You Have What it Takes to Rock Out a 30 Min Session?

I absolutely love connecting with other creatives that bring the entire client experience full circle. I had the opportunity to connect with Atlanta based makeup artist, Shani to get her two cents on if and WHY you need a makeup artist for your professional photo session.

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YES! You Need A Makeup Artist and Here’s WHY!

First things first, I have THE best clients and when you put us together we create greatness!

So the most asked question is always, how did you get all these amazing images and how am I suppose to choose?

I’m so glad you asked……

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How to Choose the BEST Photos When You’ve Rocked the Heck Out of Your Photo Session!

You need head shots, huh? Of course, you do!

I’m giving you my 2 cents on how to prep for your head shot session.. like 1-2-3!

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How To Prepare For Your Headshot Session

When I first began photography, like many other photographers I’ve met shot any and everything. I photographed club appearances, red carpets, newborns, speaking engagements, smash cakes, engagements, portraits and weddings. Some of it I enjoyed and some of it I couldn’t wait until it was over.


Pivoting Into A New Niche!

You have the idea, the vision, now what… you need the visuals to show the creative and purpose behind you and your business.

So you start searching for the photographer that everyone is raving about with the most followers and tags on social media! I’m here to help you out with 10 tips on things to consider prior to booking a photographer….. here goes!

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Should I Book Yet? 10 Things You Should Know Prior to Booking A Photographer

I get it…… it’s nothing like a good selfie and especially when that light hits you right!

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Why a Selfie Won’t Do!

Love What You See?