February 22, 2019

3 Reasons Why Family Photos are a Must!

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“I’m not a picture person!” “Let’s just photograph the children.” I hear all the excuses and time and time again I’m the one pushing that mom who hasn’t lost enough weight or that dad that doesn’t like to smile in front of the camera. ironically as much as they hate the camera, they end of loving the images. 

Here are a few heart tugging reasons to push you a little closer to getting in front of the camera to capture new memories.

1. Document Growth

Your children are only so young for so long and you of anyone can attest to how fast time has gone by. Can’t you remember when your daughter couldn’t even sit up on her own, now she has an Iphone and a playlist! Documenting growth is not only for the children but for you and your spouse as well. Life gets so busy with homework and extracurricular activity practices you tend to forget about life before the babies. Your session gives you a little “back to us ” time. 

2. Relive Moments

It warms my heart when my children are looking over their scrapbooks I’ve made or old portraits lying around of them when they were younger. We have snap shots of my daughter and her dad cleaning a turkey or my son covered in skin cream! At the time it was no laughing matter, but to look back, it’s a beautiful thing. Take out the time and have something special to smile upon on a cloudy day. It’s nothing like seeing them at age 3 and tearing up at how much they’ve grown into their own selves at age 12. Capture them as much and as often as possible, that’s one thing you will never regret!

3. It’s Fun and A Little Fun Never Hurt Anybody!

Life is real. Life gets busy, life gets heavy and sometimes life can make us forget that this is merely a journey, not a final destination. Along this journey we need not take life too seriously. We should of course, handle our business, DUH, but after that we should take a deep breath and have a little fun, because hey, a little fun never hurt anyone! Take out the time with your growing family to embrace the present moment and enjoy them all while the time being captured organically!

Did these tips move you? Does this sound like you? Leave me a comment below!

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